Our Focus

Stegron has amassed over 40 years in experience with chemical solutions that address the day to day on-site problems facing professional and DIY users. Our foundation has been built upon supporting the full range of industrial users and specialty segments such as the automotive aftermarket. Stegron takes pride in the high specification of its products, we are dedicated to providing the training and technical support to ensure full efficacy, safety and ease of use.

We use a solutions-based model for our product development, starting in each case by seeking to address the critical needs of our customers for the technical problems they encounter on a daily basis. All our products undergo rigorous testing and quality certifications with third-party laboratories to ensure accountability to our claims. We then design and package our products for optimal on-site usability for our customers.

We ensure high quality products through excellence in our formulation and manufacturing processes, allowing our customers to have full confidence in the consistent value that we provide.


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